What is Going On Here?

What is Going On Here?


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You’ll never be late to class with our What is Going On Here tee.

  • Inspired by Mr. Belding from the hit TV show Saved by the Bell.
  • Collectable t-shirt made here in the USA.

Hey, hey, hey, hey...what is going on here? This shirt is what’s going on here. Mr. Belding would be proud to see his face on such a dope shirt. Or at least have a very specific question to ask about it. Our custom t-shirt is the talk of Bayside High and will probably win prom king, we hear it even has a date with Kelly. Like all of our t-shirts, this quality clothing is made in the USA. You’ll make a statement whether you’re roaming the school halls, getting Screech in trouble or just hanging out with A.C. and the gang. Just keep it away from Zack Morris, we don’t trust him.

  • Color: Blue
  • Perfect for t-shirt collectors
  • Unique design
  • Does not guarantee date with Kelly Kapowski

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