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We would like to know if you know what our Plethora t-shirt really is.

  • Quote from the classic 80’s movie iThree Amigos!.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

We’d hate for you not to know about our Plethora t-shirt. This one of a kind shirt quotes El Guapo himself from the iconic 80’s comedy iThree Amigos!. You won’t find this custom t-shirt in a pinata, unless you have some very dope friends who want you to look as dope as they do. And we aren’t the kind of people to tell someone they look dope and not have them look dope. Each shirt is army green, comes with yellow lettering and is made right here in the dopest country in the world, the good ol’ USA. Dusty, Lucky and Ned would be proud to wear these custom t-shirts as they save Santo Poco. Just don’t take your anger out on someone else when you realize you’re looking too dope with our Plethora t-shirt.

  • Color: Army Green
  • Yellow writing
  • Perfect for kissing on the lips or veranda
  • So famous it’s in-famous

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