Fed Fat & Beyond

Fed Fat & Beyond


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Eat well and look dope doing it with the Fed Fat & Beyond t-shirt.

  • Unique t-shirt available only from Smyrx.
  • Completely made right here in the United States.

Food is amazing, that’s why we love to commemorate our favorite past-time with the Fed Fat & Beyond t-shirt. Whether you’re in line at your local buffet, or out for an elegant meal at a five-star restaurant, you’ll look dope in this unique t-shirt. Though it takes inspiration from our favorite home-goods store, the Fed Fat & Beyond shirt is only available here at Smyrx. And unlike most of the products at our favorite home-goods store, this dope t-shirt is completely made here in the USA! This dope shirt is only made for those who like to eat, so we only have sizes from large to 5XL. Take that skinny people! Black and blue coloring will remind people what you’ll do to them if they ever take your last slice of pizza. If you like custom t-shirts, and love living that large life, then the Fed Fat & Beyond shirt is perfect for your. Get yours from the dopest place on Earth, Smyrx shirts.

  • Color: Black
  • Blue wording
  • Inspired by that place with the towels
  • Does not include coupons to your favorite restaurant

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